The purpose of this professional study is to provide participants holding Professional Leadership Certification with knowledge to create a culture of continuous learning for all participants in the areas of school safety directing attention and early intervention of potential threats and proactive measures to prevent incidents of violence by fully engaging in the Behavioral Threat Assessment procedures which completely addresses Standard 7 Management of the Learning Organization, Alabama Standards for Instructional Leaders. This study will fully align to the eight (8) Alabama Professional Development Standards. Participants will engage in face- to-face and/or online knowledge and content sessions and apply information learned in collaborative meetings with colleagues, online coaching, and reflections. All educators who hold Professional Leadership Certification are required to complete all Phase I, Phase II, Phase III, and activities. Upon successfully completing this professional study, participants holding Professional Leadership Certification will earn one (1) PLU for Standard 7 Management of the Learning Organization. Participants holding Professional Educator Certification may earn thirty (30) clock hours of professional development credit upon successful completion. 

nSide|Assess is a digital Behavioral Assessment designed to identify students who need help and provide a process for outreach and getting them the resources they need. This course guides users step-by-step through the nSide|Assess program. PLEASE NOTE: Successful completion of this course is contingent upon passing each of the comprehension quizzes throughout the course with 80%. If any quiz grade is below 80%, your course progress will be shown as incomplete. You have 3 attempts to get a passing score on each quiz. A certificate is available upon successful completion.